May 30, 2009

US Government versus Other Governments

Here's how the British hold back the waters from
flooding London:

And the Dutch solution to protecting an entire nation
that mostly rests below sea level:

The Italians are defending their city on the sea,

And the richest, most powerful, and technologically advanced nation on earth:
The USA, we have ....
The Army Corps of Engineers - Go Army, Go U.S. Engineers !!!!
In case you are wondering these are the Levees that hold back the flood waters of the Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico, they protect the City of New Orleans ...
A special commission on the after effects of Hurricane Katrina (2005) and reconstruction have issued a report stating the Levees will be back to normal status by September 2006 (they were not, as though it would matter) ...
Residents leave now before any new Hurricanes arrive ....